What do we offer our customers?

Depending on the political context, European Homecare offers customised services in the asylum, foreign visitor and welfare sectors.

The programme includes:

  • Management and operation of accommodation facilities for asylum seekers, emigrants and foreign refugees (initial reception institutions, shared accommodation and flats)
  • Catering for residents with canteen and own large kitchen
  • Care for residents in accordance with standards specified by the client
  • General social care
  • Medical care and support
  • Supervision in co-ordination with the police
  • Outlook assessment for foreign refugees
  • Implementation of integration measures
  • Purchase of furnishings and items for daily use
  • Housing of various marginalised groups
  • Introduction of a special management software for accommodation facilities
  • Training for the welfare sector
  • Advice for the design and realisation of new welfare projects
  • Care for unaccompanied underage refugees in the child and young persons sector