What services do we provide and how?

Encompassing everything is our motto: Economic efficiency and welfare should not be mutually exclusive! Currently, in our responsible dealings with socially marginalised groups, we combine economic action with social skills as the client desires.

The six basic elements of service orientation enable coordinated solution approaches:

  1. Advice: We think ahead…
  • We develop projects in the welfare sector and support planning.
  • We accompany the implementation process and provide on-site advice.
  • We analyse the costs and point out savings potential by suggesting strategies to optimise the use of resources.

2. Support: We offer help and support to marginalised social groups…

  • regarding their specific living conditions,
  • with day-to-day personal and familial issues,
  • by discussing the issues with the person concerned in Germany or their home country,
  • by correct conduct towards the relevant authorities,
  • by providing information on the health sector, e.g. clarification on hepatitis, drug abuse and aids prevention,
  • for illnesses, by providing medical care and trained staff
  • by attending medical examinations, hospitals or authorities when insurmountable language barriers arise,
  • by helping with learning German and homework,
  • by organising social, cultural and sporting activities,
  • by supervising children in play areas and nurseries.

3. Accommodation: All together under one roof…

  • We create living space by renovating, converting and modernising.
  • We provide pleasant accommodation for purchase, lease or rent.
  • We develop accommodation briefs for groups that need special aid and protection.

4. Catering: Different target groups require individual catering with…

  • their own large kitchen with various options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, oriented towards the needs of the residents
  • compilation of individual customised packages
  • invoicing managed in accordance with legal requirements.

5. Procurement: Fast and flexible solutions are particularly important for facilities with low storage capacity. We therefore organise order purchase and delivery for…

  • all necessary equipment and furniture for the facility,
  • all consumer goods for office, cleaning and health and safety,
  • toiletries and hygiene products for the residents,
  • medical equipment and facilities,
  • food for large-scale consumption,
  • a wide selection of clothes for the wardrobe.

6. Management software: A cutback in bureaucracy leaves our employees more time for the residents. The programme developed especially for us is web-based, simple to operate and offers support primarily in the following areas:

  • Registering residents and printing out photo ID with barcode
  • Entering personal characteristics and cultural background is possible
  • Taking attendance
  • Presenting vacant and occupied beds and flats
  • Allocating new arrivals to the rooms and flats
  • Using barcodes for issuing pocket money, laundry, etc.
  • Automatic invoicing of authorities regarding occupancy lists

Various statistics, such as lists of all residents present or ill on a given day, as well as all those who are absent for a longer time.